Market Intelligence

Smart data and insights leads to intelligent hiring. We use technology & our vast talent/network pool to bring in amazing insights for the clients, enabling well analyzed & informed decisions while hiring.

Market & Talent Mapping

Our Market & Talent Mapping service help clients understand the quality of talent available both within and outside their corporate boundaries and how specific functions are structured across the competitor landscape.

Our Market & Talent Mapping service will give you a holistic view of the current talent landscape. We utilise in-depth market intelligence and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools, which enables us to assess what available talent is suitable. This process reveals the big picture to our clients, saving time, money and mitigating risk, especially before you get a executive search firm on board.This coverage includes functional, business unit and sector analyses and allows client to take an informed view of what exists in a market before making a hiring decision.

Compensation & Reference Checks

Compensation Survey
Companies globally want to ensure that they get their compensation numbers correct & attractive since want to hire best talent and attractive, yet affordable salaries. Therefore, it is important to ascertain what salary should be offered at each level to keep leading the competition.

We support our clients with insights collated based on the data we get from our vast network and surveys being conducted over the time. It helps create a great understanding of the exact compensation which will make the candidates happy and ensure they contribute with high productivity.

Reference Checks
In post hiring, we regard this as the most important step where the team undertakes due diligence to ascertain that the candidates have provided correct information. Experts say wrong hiring can result in 10x cost to the company compared to their annual salary. We therefore, do independent checks to identify qualitative insights around the candidate – which cover his past performance, behavior, reputation, team play, growth etc. The data collated helps us create a matrix ensuring the client is making a correct choice.

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