Corporate Trainings & Solutions

Our journey with the various business groups has been satisfying and we sincerely hope that our HR interventions will have long term effectiveness with each of our clients. Our highly impactful Training programs have been very well-received by the corporate and other business groups.

Soft-Skills Trainings

For any company to prosper and grow, it is imperative that their mid-level and senior team are high on soft skills – which involves communication, inter-personal and social skills.

Companies need to ensure that their employees not just understand the value, but also excel on these areas resulting in high branding.
Not all are born with these traits but the good part is executives could be trained and groomed on their soft-skills provided they have correct trainers and mentors who could help them acquire & execute these traits. Keeping that in mind, we have created our training programs where both trainers & our content is best in class to ensure we strive for great results.
We work in collaboration with the company and follow a process in which we understand their need, current status and vision, before applying our training principals.

Below is the list of few of our prominent trainings:
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication & Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Technical Trainings

We ensure that our trainers provide in-depth knowledge and training which is required in the practical world, while ensuring they keep it easy to understand and comprehend. We ensure the trainers aim for Business, Operational and Process related excellence in Manufacturing & non-Manufacturing lines.

Below is the list of few of our prominent trainings:
  • Total Quality Management
  • Lean Manufacturing - Line Balancing/FMEA/PPAP/ and many more based on client's requirement.
  • Quality-7QC Tools/Zero Defect Approach/TQM/TPM etc
  • Maintenance-Tool & Die History cards/Zero defect approach/Maintenance Pillars etc.
  • Operations- Team Building/Plant Mapping/Technical Operational Training etc.
Content Development

Any training as good as the content used to distribute that – for any trainer to play his magic, s/he needs to have an amazing content.

We distribute that as pre & post training content which the TSMC team has developed for each of the training keeping our proprietary ‘ACCE’ principle.
A – Access the requirements which helps in gathering quality insights for the challenges & training requirements.
C – Create & Design phase help in designing a robust training material which is full of in-depth information, but considers practical use cases and case studies to ensure people feel part of it.
C – Collate insights after distributing the material and content for initial assessments and before it is being used in actual trainings. This ensures any tweaking required to make it market ready.
E – Evaluate the actual content based on the feedbacks received from the trainees around the completeness, aptness, targeted, ease of understanding, practical usage, etc.
We stand out since we keep reviewing & revising the training content by industry based on the above preamble, ensuring we are up to date and maintain the high engagement levels.

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