The retail industry was among the fastest growing pre-Covid and full of opportunities. The investment environment is also conducive for new & international players considering the current 100% FDI norms. This has given further opportunities, although pandemic is expected to play a big role in the future hiring in terms of roles and requirements. Our specialists with decades of experience have helped multiple retail companies meet their talent requirement.
Below is a snapshot of the typical roles that the team has successfully closed over the years.

Business Challenge

The Client was faced with an urgent task of filling multiple front & middle line sales positions for the grand opening of its latest store in India. In coping with recruitment demand, as a result of this proposed business expansion, the client faced the following challenges:

  • Large number of staff required from a very limited pool of talent.
  • Lack of internal capacity to recruit directly.
  • Gaps in quality level expected by line management & lined-up talent.
  • Decentralized recruitment, led by each line manager was leading to inconsistencies in quality.
  • Decent brand name, but not many locals were aware of what the company does, its pay structure and rich culture.
Engagement Process

TSMC assembled a team with extensive retail experience to cater to the Client’s needs. By functioning as an extension of the current internal HR team, the project received immediate buy-in from line management. One key area of focus was in employer branding. TSMC assisted to develop new hooks by helping the client focus on their employer branding, impressing the branding upon the candidates and clear any misconceptions and lack of knowledge about the client.


By engaging TSMC, the client realized immediate benefits in the recruitment program:

  • Immediate access to candidates from other industries with applicable transferable skills.
  • Shortening of the recruitment cycle as strong buy in from line management enabled more of the initial process to be conducted by the on-site team.
  • Support HR team to function as a business partner, more than a supporting team by providing proactive, timely & actionable insights and resources.
  • Best practices shared by TSMC while working with Fortune 500 companies, ensured achievement of over 90% of their recruitment targets with in timelines.
Talent Closed
Marketing & Sales Positions
National Sales Head
Marketing Head
Product Manager
Product Head