Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare & Pharma

Indian Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing great growth but the current pandemic also showed the gaps, where the set-ups that we have may not be enough to handle such a situation and need constructive investments and FDI which we envisage will come in at fast pace. Both private and public sector investments are expected to increase over the time. Indian pharma sector is expected to grow at 12% CAGR and reach $130 Billion by 2030, from $41.7 Billion in 2020.
Our team has been working closely with the clients to hire best of the talent and train them for adopting the changes. Below is a list of the roles that we have closed over the years.

Business Challenge

The Client, a Fortune 100 global pharmaceutical company, its competitive advantage depended on a fast sales force build out to bring its latest cardiovascular product to the market.
The company required a large number of sales force people with highly-specific qualifications and experience to cover locations nationwide. The internal recruiting team did not have the capacity to manage this immediate, concentrated hiring need. For effective results, the recruiting team required a partner with exceptional experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical sales industry.

Engagement Process

TSMC made a full plan to manage sourcing, screening and hiring of candidates for the client’s sales representative and district manager roles. TSMC immediately assembled a team with proven experience in recruiting for the pharmaceutical industry, and more specifically, for pharmaceutical BD positions. The virtual structure of the team enabled recruiters to leverage their market knowledge and widespread networks. To identify candidates who could thrive in the client’s high-performance culture and reach sale goals

The TSMC team:
  • Partnered with the client to develop a deep understanding of both the product and the candidate quality required to sell it most effectively.
  • Employed behavior-based interviewing and other screening techniques for insights into candidates’ capabilities Used industry-specific sourcing techniques.
  • Exceeded the service level agreement & met the requirement of qualified candidates per position.
  • The short time frame for closure, enabled the client to build out a niche, experienced and product-specific nationwide sales force.
  • The client contracted TSMC for consulting and the development of additional sourcing strategies & support its internal team, based on the success achieved.
Talent Closed
Pharma & Healthcare
R&D Head
Regional Medical Advisor
COO-Health Tech
Regional Medical Advisor
Head F& D
Business Head- Pharma
VP-Sales & Marketing
GM- International Business
GM-Product Development