Energy, Oil, Gas, Power

Energy, Oil, Gas, Power

Indian Oil and Gas sector is linked to the global trends and move in line with the fluctuations in the international market. The market saw a major plunge in the demand in the start of the pandemic but it has constantly come back in the 2021. Considering Oil and Gas is the major feedstock of industries, the development of this sector acts as an major influencer for the rest of the industries in India and plays a major role in the economy.
TSMC has been involved with major players to support them in their need for their specialized hiring with a few major indicated below.

Business Challenge

A rapidly growing Energy services provider in India had a growing need for candidates experienced in the natural gas and energy sectors had multiple urgent positions to be closed on priority, denting their day-to-day operations.
The time-to-fill and quality of vacancy coverage was not consistent with expected standards. The challenge was owing to an internal requirement for all hiring requests to be made by the business areas filtered and approved through the company’s internal controls.

Engagement Process,Upon contract
  • TSMC team worked with key stakeholders and quickly identified the need for process improvement
  • Increased candidate quality and ensured lower time to close the position

This process demonstrated that, although the number of candidates presented was adequate, alignment with quality expectations was missing. The team focused on on-site research and improving the flow of communication among all involved. They made direct visits to all distribution sites and interviewed the managers responsible for the recruitment. This effort was designed to better understand the characteristics required of candidates, as well as the operating culture of each work center

TSMC developed a full-cycle recruiting program that included:

A talent acquisition audit that revealed opportunities for efficiencies in recruiting process.An end-to-end customized recruiting strategy, from sourcing through onboarding.

  • Reduction in time-to-fill from 15 days to 5 days.
  • Increased efficiency of the talent attraction processes by targeting specific characteristics better aligned with customer needs.
  • The ratio of candidates to hires reduced significantly.
Talent Closed
Energy ,OIL&GAS,Power
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