Automotive & Engineering

Automotive & Engineering

Indian automotive industry is another success story that has developed fast over the year, with many leading global players trying to set their operations in the nation. Domestic production witnessed 2.36% CAGR growth in FY16-20 with 26.36 million vehicles being manufactured in the country in FY20. The pandemic did impact a bit but the industry started to bounce back strong in the later part with estimations of further improvement in the coming years.
The industry is going through a vast change around designs, platform, technology, AI, and most importantly a push to move towards sustainable energy (with Electric and Hydrogen being the major bets). All these changes will bring in need for further specialized and niche requirements, outside the day to day, and there our experience and vast network helps clients meet their talent needs.
We engage with clients in a consultative mode and below is a case of how we supported an auto giant in exceeding their expectations.


we helped the company develop a quantifiable methodology for scoring technicians based on their relative contribution to the business across a multitude of different dimensions, many of which are tied directly to driving business value. The data was then used to compile quarterly development reports for Service Managers to review with the technicians to support their growth and success. Additionally, our consultant built a Service Manager compensation incentive program to drive further operational improvements and higher technician scores.

Ultimately, the company was able to convert this data into information to improve problem solving, make more informed business decisions, and reduce legal exposure around employee terminations through an objective score review process. The company and Senior Human Resources Consultant are now analysing turnover data and scoring trends to design an improved retention strategy. Having seen the overall average technician score increase, the company expects to continue to see improvements in the bottom line.

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