About Founder

Reema Nakra,

is an industry veteran with 18+ years of experience and has flair for entrepreneurship and writing.

She is founder of Talent Search Management Consulting (TSMC)-Delhi which was formed in 2019 and specializes in executive hiring and leadership training programs. She has also authored two industry books which focus on challenges and changes that would impact the HR industry.

She has done her post-graduation in human resources from the Institute of Management Technology, and is a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University.

She has worked with various corporate houses and businesses, for hiring talent across levels along with trainings and development of resources at C-Suite and Leadership level. She has strong acumen for setting up Leadership Teams of renowned Corporate Groups. She has placed 500+ candidates in leadership position in across industries – with 50+ CEO's /Head of institutions and independent Board of Directors.

Her major focus industries are Automotive Renowned groups, Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma & Healthcare, Telecom and many more. She specializes in working with Indian MNC's having placed over 350 candidates in leadership positions. She is very trusted advisor to number of Corporates.

At TSMC, her major focus in on engaging with clients in a consultative mode – where the talent search is based on the identied role, profile challenges etc. She is passionately committed to working with a sense of trust and believes in creating a professional & ethical work relation, maintaining transparent and pro-active communication.

Reema writes books that explore the future of the work, she began her writing journey in 2020 and within span of a year, has written 2 non-fiction books – focus has been to prepare the Corporates for current challenges and workforce for survival in future of work.