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TSMC is a leading HR Consulting & Leadership Training company based out of Delhi. It is run by Reema Nakra, a vivid entrepreneur & a leading name in the HR Consulting world, has also authored two books (one being an Amazon Bestseller) helping clients prepare for the future.

Our expertise, knowledge and networking capabilities are well aligned to address requirements of diverse companies for identifying and acquiring talent that is critical and niche. We provide dynamic, comprehensive and implementable solutions to the corporate world, enabling you nurture and sustain a competitive edge through Human Resource with focus on quality.

Our Experience

It’s Not about resume when searching or the leader, people are not your most important asset, the right people are. The right leadership is what drive the business!

Talent Hiring & Consulting

At TSMC, we work in a consultative mode with our clients while undertaking executive search and providing senior & middle level recruitment. We bring on board our decades of diverse industry knowledge & experience to help you hire the ‘Best in Class’.

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Market Intelligence

Smart data and insights leads to intelligent hiring. We use technology & our vast talent/network pool to bring in amazing insights for the clients, enabling well analyzed & informed decisions while hiring.

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Corporate Trainings & Solutions

Our journey with the various business groups has been satisfying and we sincerely hope that our HR interventions will have long term effectiveness with each of our clients. Our highly impactful Training programs have been very well-received by the corporate and other business groups.

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Our Clients

Over the past two decades, we have partnered a few of the most promising companies and thank them for their trust and positive feedback!

What Our Clients Say About Us!
Highly Recommended!!
As the title suggests, this book is about how the workforce, companies and managers of the future will look like.
It is a perfect guide for all the people and encourages to generate high quality jobs. The main goal is to support HR and other organizations.
Its a well researched book and simple language is used which is easy to understand.
Remarkable job by Reema Nakra ma'am
Highly Recommended !!

- Prasad Rodagi

A must read for HR professionals!
As adoption of new technology unfold in organisations, owing to the rapid pace of advancements and ongoing Pandemic now, it becomes challenging for a workforce to maintain the productivity and poses an undaunting challenge to employers and HR professionals.
This is highly recommended to everyone who want to reskill their teams to the new age challenges and throws light on many concepts including ATAWAD (work at Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device) or significance of 4Cs, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communications. Reema offers interesting insights and tips on talent management, covering, variety of aspects viz reskilling, upskilling etc. There are interesting insights on talent acquisition as well, involving hiring passive candidates and job postings. A must read for HR professionals.

- Oishani Sarkar

Good book to begin with!
Management is pretty much needed in workplace ryt? This book will efficiently guide you in entrepreneurship and also to support HR management. These simple and easy tricks will guide you to the better you. Writing is simple and easily understandable and narration is great. Overall a great book!!

- Sidhnath Yadav

This book I interesting about the upcoming world!
By the name of the book it gives a clear imagination that this book is speaking about the the new future work in a post-pandemic Written by "Reema nakra".The main goal of this book is to lend support to HR professionals and organizations .this book is about how the workers of the future engage them,how the companies of the future will look like and how manager will lead. This book provide a path for a High quality job and for profitable business.
The narration is good. The word used in the story is easy and simple .the cover page of the book is amazing with one colour. I highly recommended this book for a better achieving in upcoming world.

- Manasvi

Non Fictional
The Book is a NoN - Fiction Read.
🍁 As the Title Suggests, The Book is about How Individuals would Work in Future when Technological Advancements will Take Place of Human Beings For most of the Jobs.
🍁 The Author has written about Varied Skills that would be of Great Help in these New Age Times.
🍁 The Author has written The Book after Doing a thorough Research.
🍁 The Language of the Book is Lucid. The Writing Style of the Book is Slow - Paced.

- Kindle Customer

Words which will relate your future related thoughts!
It's a saying completely true that one can never learn a thing entirely unless he makes mistakes.
Building a well sorted future involves too many mistakes, wrong decisions, choosing wrong paths and much more.
I've been caught up in a mess since a while and this book was a suggestion from one of my colleague and I must say how this book took my assumptions by a surprise.
I'm thoroughly satisfied with the ideas and inputs the author has managed to provide and bring out to the world.

- Kindle Customer

A best book or a guide book which gives a idea for regarding our work,that how we were working earlier and how we are working in this penedemic.And what would be the it's future when technology would available to everyone and works could be done with in minutes.

- Kindle Customer

Cant Wait
Oh my God, I'm super excited for this beauty to release soon😍 I have read Reema Nakra's previous book as well and her way of writing is just awesome. I recently watched the trailer on Instagram, loved it and also, the blurb of this book seems so interesting as it talks about creativity which we all know has been lost somewhere in this digital world.
Grab your copies now lovelies. You won't regret it✨❤️
Happy reading!!!!!!!!!

- Priya Saladi

Eagerly Waiting
I can't wait to read the book. I watched the video on Instagram and here I am eagerly waiting to dive deep into the book and take in a lot of content. This book is all about how to grow through creativity. Grab your copies guys ❤️

- Kedia

Eagerly waiting for this beauty
This is an upcoming book by Reema Nakra. I really loved the idea behind this book. The main motive behind this book is to tell that creativity is the base of growth. With the upcoming technologies people have become dependent on technologies.
I've also saw her teaser video and I'm very excited to read it.
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